Pathway to Hope Community Forum Rules

Pathway to Hope
Community Forum is a community supported group for paid members of Pathway to Hope.

Here are some guidelines that are important to follow in order to make this a supportive and productive group for everyone. 

  1. Administrators have the right and will utilize the option to delete posts, comments or block all involvement if defamation or manipulation/persuasion of other members is suspected.

  2. No self promotion of your programs or services and no soliciting other Pathway to Hope women. If someone asks for your information then it's okay to share that with them. You are allowed to share your gifts and talents in the Live Free Creative Expression section.

  3. Help each other out. Offer feedback and insights whenever possible. Remember to be kind.

  4. Have fun and use the forums as a place to heal by expressing yourself and receiving support.

  5. Above all, this forum is to be a safe place. We the wounded, are in deep need of safety. It is the belief that safety is more important than information. One of the goals for the forum is that we share our experience rather than try to help. To tell a story and allow the spirit to do the work of revelation.

  6. This is safe place for someone who does not believe in God anymore or someone who is developing a deeper relationship with God. There is a high level of religious abuse among the members. So anything that sounds authoritative or like a teaching can be a trigger. Please keep this in consideration before posting comments to someone's post. Together we can learn how to have healthy disagreements with care. In abuse, this is never possible. It takes a lot of risk and vulnerability. 

  7. Any posts that violate the above rules will be deleted without notice. 
Within the community forum, you will also find specific topics around the modules. There you can have discussions about your own process through Pathway to Hope.